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About us

Rod Ardlie has been working in the building industry for over 25 years. With a smaller company clients rest assured that Rod will be directly involved throughout each project. Rod is not only an expert in design and drafting but also in documentation and detailing. He has a keen eye for alternative and creative solutions that not only add to the look of the build but often save money during the buildings stages.

Rod Ardlie

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Why use Ardlie design and Drafting

Ardlie Design & Drafting has over 25yrs of building design and approval experience. Based in the inner west we service the Sydney region. A reliable and dedicated draftsman will navigate your project through the design and approval stages. To maximise the properties potential we draft plans in 3D. We can take care of all your approval needs whether it be a CDC job or Council DA.

Drafting in 3D

Drafting plans in 3D is an extremely effective tool to maximise the properties potential and to communicate ideas throughout the design process

Employs a qualified Builder

With the backing of our building knowledge, we are looking at structural design options throughout the process, saving you money at the build stage and opening up design possibilities that can otherwise be overlooked.

Employs a greensmart professional

Ardlie Design & Drafting focus on the environmental potential for your build. Whether this means healthy material choices or looking into the potential cost savings when running the building. Light is always an important element when designing homes, it not only gives the home a great feel but dealt with correctly can save you a fortune in heating and cooling when positioned correctly. With 3D design we can pinpoint the suns impact through out the seasons and time of day and make the changes to suit. We also complete BASIX certificates for your project.

Design and approvals

Ardlie Design & Drafting can take care of the whole process for you. From design stage to plan drafting and approvals. Submissions to certifiers for CDC jobs or Applications to Council for DA jobs

Construction Certificates

Ardlie Design & Drafting can complete all required CC drawings and coordinate the consultants and documentation for your project


Ardlie Design & Drafting can package your project and tender it out to builders.

Town planning

Ardlie Design and Drafting uses a qualified town planner to prepare the Statement of Environmental Effects for all DA submissions. Our company has an extremely good sucess rate with DA approvals due to this service.

Our services include:

  • Concept designs
  • Plan drafting
  • Town Planning
  • Surveying